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Makeup Remover Cloths and Pads

Solem offers you an innovative way of removing your makeup. These makeup remover pads and cloths are created from high quality microfiber. There pleasant texture will be gentle on your facial skin, however sensitive it may be. 


Our ultra-absorbent microfiber reusable makeup remover cloths and pads easily remove makeup and impurities in less than a minute using only lukewarm water!

Removing makeup will not be a tedious procedure, requiring expensive lotions that sometimes include questionable ingredients. 


Thanks to its high quality microfiber, the cloth or pad gently removes makeup and impurities thoroughly in no time! It will therefore be easy to remove your foundation, lipstick and eyeliner simply with lukewarm water with no need to scrub vigorously. The microfiber will also remove impurities, sebum and dead skin cells! Genuinely an all-in-one. Our product is ideal for sensitive and reactive skin.  

Tips and Tricks

If you notice that removing your makeup is difficult, the water temperature is probably too cold. Lukewarm water works best.

If you feel the cloth or pad dragging or pulling on your skin, this means that it is not damp enough. Make sure the pad’s inner sponge or the cloth’s fibers are well saturated with lukewarm water. 

Care of the cloths and pads

The velour of our microfiber product is sufficiently resistant to be used daily and washed regularly. They will stay in mint condition a long time because of the material and the extremely resistant seams. The cloths and pads are reusable up to 1000 times.

Easy to wash, your cloths and pads will look new even after being washed and dried many times. 

-Do not add fabric softeners, as these will clog the fibers and may lead to premature wear and tear;

-Do not bleach;

-For stubborn stains, we recommend that you wash by hand with soap;

-Hang dry overnight and it will be ready to use when you get up.

Not only are these solutions long-lasting, effective and easy to use, but they are also very profitable.