Madame Chasse-Taches: Washing Dishes... Not Always so Easy

Louise Robitaille/ UPDATE


Washing and wiping the dishes is one of the first tasks children do to help parents. So, we can say that we have experience in this area. So why do we have so many problems?

Cloudy Glasses

  1. Limestone and hard water can leave a whitish film on your glasses. Here are three tips to remedy this problem: Pour hot water into the glasses, add a few pieces of grapefruit peel cut into small pieces. Leave in for a few hours before washing them again.
  2. Pour in equal parts hot water and white vinegar. Leave in overnight before washing.
  3. Rub the inside of the stained glass with an eraser sponge from Mr. Clean. Rinse well.

A crusted pan

Cover the bottom of the dirty pan with an amount of baking soda diluted in white vinegar (in equal parts). Heat the mixture for a minute on the stove. Leave in for about 30 minutes before brushing or using a slightly abrasive sponge to dislodge the buned-out crust.

You can also cover the bottom of the pan with dishwashing soap diluted in a little boiling water. Let the product work overnight. In the morning, put the pan on the stove top, bring to a boil, remove the pan from the heat. The particles will come off easily.

A high-performance dish towel

It is at Hébertville, in Lac-Saint-Jean, that two mothers, Marie-Hélène Doucet and Mylène Lessard, created a collection of suede microfiber products. Surprisingly, Solem dish towels absorb water instantly, leave no lint, make glassware shine and dry quickly. Solem presents, among other things, a vast collection of light towels with colorful prints, reversible, ultra-absorbent and which will not give off bad odors thanks to quick drying. Info: solem.ca