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Delivery and shipping
What is the delivery time when ordering from Solem?

At Solem, we process all orders with the utmost care within less than 48 hours.

Our main carrier is Canada Post. The delivery time is 5 to 7 working days. We also offer fast delivery with Purolator which will allow you to receive your order within 2 to 3 days delivery time with a small additional charge of $3.99.

Every order is checked and packed with love by our passionate team.

What carriers do you use to send parcels?

Our main carrier is Canada Post. We also offer the Express delivery service which is provided by Purolator.

What are the handling charges when purchasing towels?

Solem undertakes to process and ship your order within 24 - 48 hours. If we are unable to meet this commitment, you will be notified as soon as possible.

Province of Quebec :

Standard Delivery

Order $70+ (Free Shipping)

Order under $70 ($6.99)

Express delivery

Order $70+ ($3.99)

Order - from $70 ($9.99)

Outside Quebec (provinces

Standard Delivery

Order $70+ ($6.99)

Order - from $70 ($8.99)

For shipments outside of Canada, contact us for the delivery rate.

The customer is responsible for customs clearance.

Solem reserves the right to modify shipping costs at any time and without notice.

A valid address must be provided at the time the order is placed on our website. Responsibility for additional shipping charges will be passed to the consumer if the delivery address is invalid.

Processing and delivery times vary depending on delivery address and product availability. Estimated delivery dates are calculated from when items leave the warehouse.

Delivery of products is subject to the rules and regulations of the supplier. If you are absent at the time of delivery, you will be responsible for following up with the shipping company according to their procedure.


Solem reserves the right to make changes to its policies without notice.

How do I track my package?

When Solem creates
a delivery request from Canada Post or Purolator, you will receive an email at the same time containing a tracking number.

You can therefore easily follow the progress of your order in order to predict its arrival date.

In which region are you located?

We are a company in the Saguenay-Lac Saint-Jean region. We also have several points of sale across Quebec. You will find the complete list on our website in the Contact and points of sale tab.

Care and Use
How do I wash my Solem towel?

Our Solem towel is made of high quality suede microfiber (80% polyester and 20% polyamides). This fabric is very resistant to washing, but we still suggest that you follow these tips:

Wash your Solem microfiber towel before first use.

Machine wash cold or warm.

Do not bleach the towel to avoid discoloration.

Tumble dry low or just air dry; suspended. It will dry very quickly. Do not use fabric softener, as these products clog the fibers and deteriorate the fabric in the long term.

Do not iron suede microfiber.

Our towels dry very quickly which prevents the growth of bacteria that cause bad odors. It is therefore not necessary to wash your beach towel after each use. Simply hang dry, you will doing a little green gesture to save energy.

What is the Solem loop used for on the towel?

Your Solem towel is not only beautiful, it is also very practical. Its loop has been designed to facilitate drying.

For example, if you're camping and don't have a clothesline, hang your towel on a tree branch using its loop.

Does each towel come with a storage pouch?

Each Solem microfiber beach towel comes in a matching storage pouch with two black straps for carrying over the shoulders.

This pouch is very practical for storing your towel, but also your watch, your glasses or other valuables when you go to the beach or to the swimming pool.

We love its look, its practicality, but also its eco-friendliness since our pouches are made of 100% recycled materials.

Our story
Who is behind Solem?

We are two mothers who had the idea of ​​finding a solution to our wet towel problems, namely towels which were full of sand, slow to dry and too often end with a smell of mold at the bottom of a beach bag or laundry basket. We are also two passionate people, two allies and two sisters!

Passion fueled our imagination and we are proud to have founded Solem.

Solem, a family story!

Where does the name Solem come from?

First, we wanted a name that could cross the French and English language barrier. We also wanted a name that inspired the sun and stood out for our creative uniqueness (in Spanish, sol = sun and in English, sole = unique).

Finally, our two names begin with the letter M.

This is how Solem was born, after long weeks of research trying to find the perfect name!

What do you mean by Quebec design?

Our Solem towels are designed in our region, Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean. Designing a towel may seem trivial, but this creation requires a lot of trial and error before arriving at the final result. Each towel is mostly hand-drawn by our team, always with the aim of creating graphic concepts that will please everyone.

We are constantly creating and also open to your ideas if you want to share them with us.

Where are our towels designed?

Our towels are designed here, in the beautiful region of Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean. This local design is more than important for our team. It is therefore a talented designer from Alma who works to create our graphic concepts and allows us to differentiate ourselves from the products already present on the market. Her creativity is unparalleled and her sense of belonging to the project never ceases to amaze us!

We maximize our efforts to surround ourselves with local players in our marketing process, our towels are then produced in Asia. It seems essential to us that you know the product you are going to buy. We do business with partners offering excellent quality in accordance with the values ​​of our company.

What is the warranty offered by Solem?

Each Solem that leaves our warehouse has been rigorously inspected by our team concerned with offering you a quality product that meets our quality standards.

If you notice a manufacturing defect or if for any other reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, do not hesitate to write to us at info@solem.ca .

The satisfaction of our customers is a priority at Solem and we will do everything in our power to remedy this situation.


Que dirais-tu que ta commande soit envoyée dans un emballage réutilisable ?

How about your order being sent in reusable packaging?

Pour te remercier de choisir cette option écologique et québécoise, tu obtiendras 5$ de rabais sur ta prochaine commande*

Prendre note que certains produits ne sont pas encore admissibles à la livraison PickPack
Please note that some products are not yet eligible for PickPack delivery

PickPack est une solution écologique et québécoise qui permet de faire la différence pour notre planète.

Comment ça fonctionne? How does it works?
1. Choisis l’option OUI JE VEUX FAIRE LA DIFFÉRENCE (supplément de 3,99$)
2. Après avoir reçu ton colis, retourne l’emballage GRATUITEMENT dans n’importe quelle boîte postale ou comptoir Postes Canada
3. Obtiens de rabais sur ta prochaine commande

Voir la procédure de retour (Collaboration avec Postes Canada)

View the return procedure (Collaboration with Canada Posts)

Ma commande PickPack sera livrée au Canada

My PickPack order will be delivered to Canada

Optez pour une
livraison 0 déchet

Choose a zero-waste
delivery option

*Certains produits ne sont pas encore admissibles à la livraison pickpack
*Some products are not yet eligible for PickPack delivery

Ma commande sera livrée au Canada

My order will be delivered to Canada

Ma commande sera livrée au Canada

My order will be delivered to Canada

*Vous devez choisir l'option ET retourner votre emballage tel que convenu.
*You must choose the PickPack option AND return your packaging as agreed.