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Listening to the Needs of Your Families

We are two mothers who initially wanted to find a solution to our problem of slow drying towels, wet and ful of sand, which too often end up with a moldy smell in the bottom of a beach bag or a laundry basket. We were quickly won over by the many technical advantages offered by the microfiber towel, but we weren't going to stop there! We also wanted to find a solution for the lack of originality of the product which, for the most part, was of solid color. That was all we needed to come up with the idea of ​​creating a company specializing in the sale of high-end suede microfiber beach towels with creative and unique designs.

Passion fueled our imagination and we are proud to have founded Solem Enterprises.

Solem has created a custom-made microfiber beach towel to meet your needs without compromise. Solem offers high-end beach towels with unparalleled softness and Quebec designs that will charm you. Solem opted for double-sided printing to offer you a beach towel that looks equally good on both sides, giving you the feeling of having two towels in one. Which side will you choose today? You will also be won over by the carrying pouch that matches your towel, which you can carry on your shoulder or on your back. Why not also use this pouch to store your belongings while swimming?