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OSEntreprendre Challenge: 22 Projects Rewarded

Winner in the Commerce category: SOLEM (Mylène Lessard and Marie-Hélène Doucet) . (Photo: Courtesy)

The awards ceremony for the 21st edition of the OSEntreprendre Challenge in Lac-Saint-Jean-Est, held on March 28 at Alma College, rewarded five business projects in the Business Creation section as well as 17 other projects in the section Student Entrepreneurship .

The winners of the first prizes or a favorite mention will represent the MRC Lac-Saint-Jean-Est at the regional final on April 30, at the Cégep de Saint-Félicien. The regional winners will then represent Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean in the provincial final.

Each winning company also received a $250 grant.

Business Creation Section

In the pane Business Creation section, a total of 14 projects had been received. The company SOLEM , by Mylène Lessard and Marie-Hélène Doucet, won top honors in the category Trade .

In the category Social Economy, the Coop Désert de glace , made up of Stéphan Tremblay, Éric Larouche, Réal Tremblay and Hugues Ouellet won first place.

In Exploitation, Processing and Production , Carl Gagné's company Maelstrom Forge  won first prize.

ESSOR Project Services , with Dany Fortin, left with the first title in the category Business Services.

Finally, HaagenDaz Expeditions Inc. and her owner Geneviève Raymond-Lafortune walked away with the prize in the category Services to Individuals .

Student Entrepreneurship Component

A total of 84 projects were submitted in the Student Entrepreneurship section. Of this number, 17 obtained a prize and 12 will participate in the regional final, namely the recipients of the first places as well as the jury's favorite mentions.

Primary 1st Cycle

  • First prize (regional finalist): “Goûte-à-tout” Canteen (Saint-Julien School)
  • Second prize: Christmas Market (Saint-Pierre School)

Primary 2nd Cycle

  • First prize (regional finalist): I Cultivate my Community (Bon-Conseil School)
  • Second prize: Artisan Victor (Monseigneur-Victor School)

Primary 3rd Cycle

  • First prize (regional finalist): Les Fourmidables (Saint-Gérard School)
  • Second prize AND favorite prize (regional finalist): A Concert for Music (Saint-Pierre School)
  • Favorite prize (regional finalist): The Elves of Mgr Victor (Monseigneur-Victor School)

1st Cycle of Secondary

  • First Prize (regional finalist) AND TCG Creator of Futures Special Prize: Carpet washing (Jean-Gauthier School)
  • Second prize: La Barbotine (Camille-Lavoie High School)

2nd Cycle Secondary

  • First prize (regional finalist): (Camille-Lavoie High School)
  • Second prize AND favorite prize (regional finalist): Mini-Cheer Les Tigres (Jean-Gauthier School)
  • Favorite award (regional finalist): We Brunch for the Cause (Jean-Gauthier School)

Secondary School Adaptation

  • First prize (regional finalist): Spaghetti dinner at the Jeune Coop ESCL (Camille-Lavoie High School)
  • Second prize: Wine Cabinets (Pavillon Wilbrod-Dufour)

Individual College

  • First prize (regional finalist): Lavage Auto Service Lavoie (Collège d'Alma)

Collective College

  • First prize (regional finalist): La LYRE (Collège d'Alma)
  • Second prize: Éco-coud (Collège d'Alma)