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Are you looking for an original gift that will create a WOW effect?

Do you have a nature-lover friend? Who loves hiking, the outdoors, unexplored green spaces? Solem has thought of everything with this Horizon box set. It contains everything you need to travel light while keeping a chic and sophisticated look. Look no further, this is the perfect all-in-one set to give as a gift.

Treat yourself to Solem suede microfiber technology


  • This box set contains:

    • An XL Horizon microfiber beach towel
    • Two Horizon bath wipes
    • Two Horizon multi-purpose towels (hand towel or dish towel)
    • A black box
    • A matching storage pouch

      Treat yourself to Solem suede microfiber technology. Compact and ultra-absorbent, all the items in this box will charm you with their reversible designs and their incredible features. The smooth and silky material pleasant to the touch and dries quickly in order to limit odors. In addition, the quick dry beach towel includes a magnificent matching sand repellent pouch and is equipped with a central loop to facilitate drying.

      The horizon emphasizes infinity. A horizon as seen by our First Nations hundreds of years ago. The calm and relaxing nature that awaits you.

      The items in the Horizon box set have been designed to bring out your adventurous side that dreams of vast and green spaces. They will accompany you both camping and hiking as well as during your outings on golden sand beaches.

      Technical Sheet

      Solem towels are made of suede microfiber. The fabric is woven from a very fine synthetic yarn. This fiber is made up of 80% polyester (including 50% recycled fibers) and 20% polyamides (the same fibers that make up parachute fabrics).

      Unlike a natural fiber which has a rather round shape, our Solem microfiber towels have a more elongated surface which allows them to store water molecules more easily while drying much faster.

      Our beach towels are soft to the touch and retain that softness time and time again.

      Maintenance of the Solem Towel

      Our Solem quick dry beach towel is made of high quality suede microfiber. This fabric is very resistant to washing, but we still suggest that you follow these tips:

      • Wash your Solem microfiber towel before its first use.
      • Machine wash cold or warm.
      • Do not bleach the towel to avoid discoloration.
      • Tumble dry at low heat or simply air dry.
      • Do not use fabric softener, these products clog the fibers.
      • Do not iron suede microfiber.

      Our microfiber towels dry very quickly which prevents the growth of bacteria that cause bad odors. It is therefore not necessary to wash your beach towel after each use.

      Simply hang dry, you will be doing a little green gesture towards saving energy.